Dashboard & Reporting


Dashboard & Reporting

Fixed Asset Dashboard
There are three main sections in the dashboard page. They are:

  1. Parameters input
  2. Fixed assets overview
  3. Charts

Parameters Input
Allow users to select all or specific information from fixed assets records. Users are able to filter the information based on the book, specific fixed asset name, location, asset group, and date range.

  • Book: Internal or Tax book
  • Date range selection: This Month, This Quarter, This YTD, Last Month, Last Quarter, Last Year, Custom Date Range

fixed asset connect dashboard

Fixed Assets Overview

Provide the aggregate information of the fixed assets owned by the company.

Four basic information shown in fixed assets overview:

  1. Fixed asset counts: the number of fixed assets owned by the company
  2. Acquisition costs: the total costs incurred by the company to purchase the assets
  3. Accumulated depreciation: the total accumulated depreciations, including all assets since acquisition dates
  4. Book Value: net of acquisition costs minus accumulated depreciations

fixed asset connect overview

Available Charts
There are 16 default charts in 4 categories:

  1. Expense charts
    • Depreciation expense
    • Repair & maintenance expense
  2. Asset charts
    • Asset counts
    • Net book value
    • Accumulated depreciation
    • Loss on asset disposal
    • Gain or loss from asset sale
  3. Activity charts
    • Asset acquisition counts
    • Asset disposition counts
    • Asset split counts
    • Asset transfer counts
    • Asset revaluation counts
  4. Analysis (Ratio) charts
    • Depreciation expenses-to-net book value ratio
    • Accumulated depreciation-to-acquisition costs ratio
    • Average age
    • Repair & maintenance expense-to-fixed asset ratio