Document Management


Document Management

Default Folders

Fixed Asset Connect provides default folders as follows:

  • Finance docs folder
  • License docs folder
  • Insurance docs folder
  • Tax docs folder
  • Other docs folder

fixed asset connect_default docs folders

Edit or Remove Default Folder Name
  1. To change the name or remove the default folder, double-click on the folder you would like to change
  2. Select “Edit” or “Remove”
    • If you select “Edit”, enter the new name and click “Update Folder”

edit remove folder

Create a New Folder
  1. Click “New Folder” button on document page
  2. Enter folder name on “Title” field
  3. Click “Create Folder” button
Adding and Linking a Document to Fixed Asset
  1. Click “Upload” button on document page
  2. Select a file to be uploaded from your computer
  3. Select a folder from “Folder” field
  4. Select the fixed assets that are relevant to the document
  5. Click “Create Document” when you are done