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We help small to medium-size businesses mitigate potential risks and increase the return on fixed asset investment

As a business grows, its accounts grow in complexity. Today’s business landscape is completely dependent on technology and even the smallest business has considerable capital tied into IT infrastructure. If you’re reading this, you’ve already had to deal with the headache that is to manage and optimize your fixed assets and are desperate to find an easier way. Quite simply, current ERP systems aren’t made for the SMB market. They’re too big, too rigid, too expensive, and the low rate of successful implementation reflects this. Smaller businesses need more responsiveness and flexibility to fit harmoniously with their existing set up. We aim to level the playing field for smaller businesses. More and more SMBs are harnessing the power of the cloud to reduce their workload, with cloud-powered accounting, helpdesk, CRM – Fixed Asset Connect aims to provide dedicated accounting services tailored for Fixed Asset Management. Designed and developed by a team that has worked with many large scale ERP implementation projects, our intuitive app lets business owners and their accountants take control of their fixed asset management and optimize it. Fixed Asset Connect is designed specifically to bring the benefits of proper Fixed Asset Management. Our cost-effective pricing – a fraction of the cost of rigid ERP systems – ensures the bulk of this stays in your pocket.


The complete cloud and mobile fixed asset management platform

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